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Winterthur Life Netball League Constitution
To follow the Basingstoke League rules with the exception of the following; and any future items which may arise giving problems and only after being notified to the Basingstoke League Committee and all teams concerned (Winterthur League) being advised.

"You can play any standard of player from any club, as long as that player is affiliated to her main club and associated to second named club, preferably no lower than Division 1 of the Basingstoke League and subsequent level of any other league".

Any player who is affiliated and named for a Winterthur Life league team cannot play DOWN for any team from division 1 to 5 of the Basingstoke Netball league.

CAN NOT Play for two or more different clubs in the Winterthur League.

Basingstoke Rules in General

Games start at 7.00pm and 8.15pm. Games to finish on time, early games to be finished by bell being rung at 8.15 when umpires must blow whistle. Late games are due to start at 8.15pm, but leeway is allowed for umpire/players to get forms signed and get ready.

A bell will now sound at 9.40pm to stop the late games. If any games have finished before this time, then they must not leave the courts. They must wait on court until all other games have finished. Gates will be shut between the courts for both the early and late games, and all players who arrive for the late games must stay outside the courts until the 8.15pm has been rang. This is for the safety of players and umpires.

All monies for registration and court fees to be paid in advance to the Treasurer.

Score sheets should be completed after each match and signed but both umpires then placed in receptacle in Pavilion.

Team representatives should attend all Basingstoke League Meetings.

Provide a ‘C’ grade (and above) umpire for all games opposite to those being played.

All umpires to be of a grade ‘C’ or above. Trainee umpires to be allowed to umpire the league at the committees discretion.

To be decided nearer time with regard to end of League Tournament.

It is recommended that all teams need to ensure they are wearing team colours. Skirts are to be worn at all times however they can be worn over trousers.

All EN rules to be adhered to.

Any matters not covered by the above to be decided upon by the Basingstoke Netball League Committee.