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Rules and Constitution


    1.         NAME
    The name of the organisation shall be known as Basingstoke Netball League, hereinafter referred to as "The league or BNL".
    2.         AFFILIATION
    Membership of the league shall be available to all netball clubs in the area affiliated to EN.  The league shall be affiliated to England Netball (EN). This affiliation includes a payment for Hampshire County and Netball South.  Affiliations to EN include personal injury insurance.
    3.         ORGANISATION
    There shall be a committee of executive officers.  These shall be; chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer, fixtures secretary and results secretary.
    BNL accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of personal loss or injury which players, officials or spectators may sustain during the league fixtures including tournaments
    4.         COMMITTEE
    The committee shall consist of the elected officers, and will remain in office until the next annual general meeting (AGM).  The committee shall have the power to fill vacancies that occur during its term of office and co-opt additional members if required.
    5.         OBJECTIVES
    The objectives of the league are for the enjoyment of its members, the promotion and development of netball.
    The league shall be governed by the following rules, which can only be amended at an AGM or at an EGM (extra ordinary general meeting).
    6a)       AGM
    The AGM will be held before the 1st July each year.
    The agenda for the meeting, minutes of the previous meeting and motions to be considered shall be circulated to member clubs no less than 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.
    A list shall be made of all clubs attending the AGM.  Failure of a club to be represented shall result in a fine of £25.00.
    The committee shall meet whenever they deem necessary, they may at their discretion convene an EGM, but member clubs must be notified at least 14 days before the date of the meeting.
    Amendments to this constitution shall only be by a resolution passed by a simple majority vote of the members present at the AGM.  Proposals for amendments to the constitution must be submitted to the secretary at least one month prior to the AGM so that details may be included in the documentation being sent out to members prior to the AGM.
    6c)       NOMINATIONS
    Any member wishing to nominate a person for a committee post must first obtain their permission and then send a letter to the secretary at least 7 days prior to the date of the AGM.  If no nominations are received for a post, the existing post holder shall be invited by the chairperson to stand again.
    6d)       LEAGUE FINANCE
    The committee will determine the annual fees for all teams, which are due by 1st December each year.  If teams have not paid their fees before the re-start of the league in January they will be allowed to play, but the team will be deducted 3 points per game until payment is received.
    Individual clubs shall be responsible for their affiliation to EN and the committee will require evidence of this by the end of October.  Failure to affiliate will result in teams not being allowed to play until their affiliation fees are paid and proof given to the league secretary.
    All monies received shall constitute the league funds and will be administered in accordance with the agreements made between the committee and members at the AGM or at the discretion of the committee. The treasurer will manage the funds and shall present a copy of the detailed accounts at the AGM.
    A bank account shall be held in the name of the league and the treasurer or chairperson must sign any cheques raised.
    6e)       PLAYING
    All games shall be played in accordance with EN rules to the latest amendments.
    For the winter league all games shall be played between September and May of each year.
    All games will be for a full hour divided into 4 quarters. 
    All teams must wear club colours.  Skirts are to be worn at all times, although they can be worn over trousers
    Any player who knows she is pregnant is not allowed to play.  An umpire, once informed of this information has the right to refuse the player to take the court
    If inclement weather occurs during a match it is at the discretion of the umpires, if the match continues or is abandoned.  Games abandoned after half time will be deemed as completed and the score will be recorded.  Games abandoned before half time will be rescheduled by the committee.
    Teams not arriving shall forfeit the game and the goals below will be awarded to the team that has arrived to play.  Teams must have arrived by 7.15pm or the opposing team will be entitled to claim the game.
    AXA Div          40goals,     
    Div 1               35 goals,    
    Div 2               30 goals,  
    Div 3               25 goals,  
    Div 4               20 goals
    Teams arriving with less than 5 players will forfeit the game but can try to play a friendly if they wish.
    SCORING:  Points will be awarded as follows:
    3 Points for a win,       2 Points for a draw,    0 Points for a loss
    1 Point will be awarded   if a losing score is over 50% of the winning score e.g. 20-11.
    Teams shall be on court and ready to play at 7pm and 8.15pm.   A klaxon will sound at 6:55pm, to give players a 5minute warning.  A bell will then sound at 7pm on which all games must start.  The bell will sound again at 8:15pm and all games must stop at this time. The late games may start directly after this if they do not have umpire/player, who is entitled to 10 minutes break, a bell will sound at 8:25pm and all games must have started. A bell will sound at 9.40pm to stop the late games. 
    If any games have finished before this time, players and officials must wait within their court area until all games have finished.  Gates will be shut between the courts for both the early and late games, and all players who arrive for the late games must stay outside the courts until the 8.15pm bell has been sounded.  This is for the safety of players and umpires.
    Late Arrivals
    Late Arrivals - Teams
    Teams arriving late shall forfeit 1 goal per minute until they are ready to play.  Both umpires shall record goals.  Timer should be started at 7pm and the remaining time of that quarter played when the team arrives.
    Late Arrivals – Umpires
    Early games - The team they are representing will be penalised by one goal per minute.  The umpire present shall record the arrival time and notify the umpires of the late game of the additional goals to be awarded to the non-offending team, at the start of the game and both teams will be notified
    Late games - The umpire present will record the arrival time of the offending umpire and will note the time on her result slip.  Goals will then be awarded to the early non-offending team.  These early teams will be notified by the committee of the score amendment.
    Cancelling Games
    Advanced notification of cancellation for inclement weather (snow, fog or ice, see EN rule book) shall be notified by the committee by 18.00 hours.  The Website and Facebook may also be used.   If notification of cancellation is not received then all teams and umpires must turn up and the committee will decide at 19.00 hours and again at 20.15 hours if the games will commence.
    Clubs cancelling games shall forfeit the game and the goals below will be awarded to the opposition. 
    AXA Div        40goals,     
    Div 1               35 goals,    
    Div 2               30 goals,  
    Div 3               25 goals,  
    Div 4               20 goals
    Cancelling teams must notify the opposing team and the appropriate umpires (i.e. early or late) and send in a result slip.  Failure to comply with the cancellation of the umpires/opposition will result in a 3-point deduction from the team’s total points.   Teams cancelling games must notify their opposition and umpires by 5pm at the latest in order to prevent unnecessary travel for players and officials.  If you use electronic communication (email or text) to cancel your game you must receive confirmation that the message has been received.  If you do not receive confirmation you must speak to them directly. Failure to do this will result in points being deducted.
    Changes of Players
    Changes of a player within a club (new players etc) must be notified to the league by completion of a TAF (Team Amendment Form).  This form must be received by the league at least 48 hours before you require them to play. You are not allowed to play new players until the TAF form has been approved.
    If you play a player before receiving and approval from the committee then technically you are playing an illegal player and the penalty would be loss of the game and points/goals awarded to the non- offending team.
    Following an injury or time out a player may play for a lower team providing the secretary is notified via a TAF, this enables all teams in the division concerned to be notified in writing, however if this means playing for a lower standard club/team then they cannot play for the new team in that season. A player is entitled to change her club during the season but the league secretary must be notified via form TAF before they play for their new club.
    6f)       UMPIRES
    All teams must provide an umpire for the 8.15pm game if they are playing at 7pm or the 7pm game if they are playing at 8.15pm.
    All umpires to be of a grade 'C' or above.  Trainee umpires to be allowed to umpire the league at the committee’s discretion.
    Failure of a team to provide an umpire will result in a 3 point deduction. 
    If an umpire is found on the night, by the committee, and even if the umpire is paid, the point deduction will still stand.
    If the game needs to be re-arranged, the team must provide an umpire for the re-arranged date.
     If a player/umpire is injured on the night and a replacement cannot be found then the game will be re-arranged. 
    Any events not covered above will be decided by the committee at the time.
    6g)       RESULTS
    All results must be recorded on the official result slip and either placed in the box in the pavilion or sent to the results secretary within 5 days of the match.
    Failure to supply result slips shall incur in a deduction of 1 point from that teams total points.
    6h)       TEAMS AND PLAYERS
    A team shall consist of at least 7 players plus substitutes.  All players must be EN affiliated for insurance purposes and registered with the BNL either at the start of the season or via an Approved TAF Form.  Any team playing a non-registered player, as above, will be deemed as playing an illegal player and will be penalised by losing the game and 3 points deduction.
    Any subs must be drawn only from players within the same club and must be of a lower division/league.
    Any player named and affiliated to an AXA Wealth League team, may not play down into any team in the BNL.
    No higher league players e.g. south region, premier (determined by the committee for premier level only) etc may play in the Basingstoke League. (This does not include the AXA Wealth League).
    All members can only play for one club in the Basingstoke league.  Any one playing for other clubs will result in the match being forfeited for the club they are not affiliated to in the BNL.
    Teams withdrawing from the league will be responsible for notifying the committee immediately, fulfilling their umpiring commitments and paying all outstanding fees.  If these teams wish to re-enter the league the following season, even using an alternative name, must pay any outstanding debts
    If a club, with more than one team, are short of players they can only use players from a lower team within their club.
    Only two players may play up in any one game from the lower team to the higher nominated team.
    Any player, taking court for 1 team may not change to another team during that fixture.  Failure to comply with the above rules will result in the match being awarded to the opposing team.
    Any player/s not officially named on the team league entry forms submitted at the beginning of the season, who play up must be included on the official result sheet of each match. This includes players playing up from junior teams; failure to complete the forms will result in 2 points being deducted every time.
    Players may play up to a higher division team within their club a maximum of four times.  Any player, who plays up more than four times, shall be deemed to have moved to the higher team and will not be permitted to play for the lower team again within that season.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in the match being awarded to the opposing team.
    6ii)  if teams of the same club are in the same division, one team has to be nominated as the higher and the same rules apply as in the paragraph above.  If two teams are in the same division and neither promoted/demoted then the highest finishing team at the end of the season will be deemed the higher team for the forthcoming season.
    Exception to rule 6ii)   When a member is affiliated and named in a Basingstoke League club (division 1 – 5), they may cross play to one club only in the AXA Wealth league for a maximum of 4 times in one season.  Any AXA Wealth club who cross plays a player more than 4 times, will result in a 3 point deduction for each game they play illegally as well as the game being awarded 20 – 0 to the non-offending team. 
    All paperwork, as per the league rule for all players playing up into an AXA Wealth club is still required.  Failure to complete paperwork will mean a 2 point deduction.
    6j)        DIVISIONS
    There will be 2 or more divisions in the league depending upon the number of teams entering with division 1 being the highest.  Divisions shall consist of equal numbers of teams where possible.
    At the end of the season the winners of each division will be the team with the highest number of points following all deductions where necessary.
    Goal difference will determine the winner in event of a tie.  (Goals for minus goals against)
    The winner and runner-up of each division will be promoted, and the bottom 2 teams will be relegated. This decision is at the discretion of the committee and is dependent on the number of teams in the division/league.
    Teams winning division 1 for three consecutive seasons must move up to a higher league i.e. AXA Wealth or Premier.
    6k)       PREMISES
    All games will be played at Russell Howard Park unless otherwise notified by the committee.
    The league shall have a written contract with the landlord.
    Clubs must notify any damage, breakages, light failure etc. to the committee, who will notify the council.
    The league abides by the;   Players code of conduct and EN Umpires code of conduct
    There is a Discipline and Grievance Policy, which can be found on the website.
    If there are any grievances, complaints or other issues they must be made in writing to the chairperson, who will reply within 28 days.  These issues will be investigated and resolved in a reasonable timescale.
    8.         DISSOLUTON
    In the event of winding up, or dissolution of BNL, after all debt and liabilities have been settled, any monies/equipment remaining will be transferred or given for netball development.
    9.         MISCELLANEOUS
    Any other business arising not covered in the constitution will be dealt with at the discretion of the committee.