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Netball cancelled tonight Early & Late Tuesday 11th JULY - heavy rain forecast from 17:00 for the rest of the night, what a dam nuisance. Fingers crossed next week brings better weather! 

Teams please make sure when you have to cancel a fixture that you do all of the following.

  1. Advise the netball committee via as early as possible and preferable not after 5:30pm on the same night as the match. If you have 5 players please don't cancel.

  2. Contact your opposition and make sure you get a response so they are aware.

  3. Contact the 2 teams either after your match or before which ever is appropraite to advise that they do not need to supply umpires or a scorer for your fixture. 

  4. ​Make sure you and your opposition still provide an umpire & scorer each for the match preceeding or following.




About Us
The Basingstoke Netball League plays on a Monday and Tuesday evening throughout the season at Russell Howard Netball Centre, in Basingstoke off Pinkerton Road.

The season runs between October and April each year, breaking for Christmas.

There are two games each evening, the first starting at 7pm the second at 8.15pm.

The league currently consists of over 50 teams, split into divisions of varying standards.

The League also offer a summer season that runs between June and July. This is a friendly season and it is primarily used to train new and improving umpires, it also allows teams to try out new players.

To play in the Basingstoke League all players need to be affiliated to England Netball Association. Please see for further details.